recycle symbolOnly Recycled Metals

Bill Butler designs with gold, platinum, palladium, silver, pewter & bronze, and it all comes from 100 percent recycled metals.  Most of his designs are celebreations of our earth's landscapes. He feels that he could not, in good conscience, create jewelry that compromises the health of these landscapes. learn more

kpcsOnly Conflict-Free Gems

All the diamonds and precious gems used by Nature & Myth are responsibly sourced, conflict-free, and certified by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).

The KPCS is a large group of merchants and mine-owners that track all diamonds to ensure that stone-owners are nor participating in unethical behavior. learn more

Artisan's Hand Logo Artisan's Hand

Bill Butler is proud to be one of the founders of the Artisan's Hand, which was recently designated as a Vermont State Craft Center. This is a "seal of approval" given by the state to galleries that meet a strict set of standards for quality and diversity of crafts.

The Artisan's Hand shows over 120 talented craftspeople, most of which are native to Vermont. learn more

Tiny River BraceletMount Mansfield River Watch

The Mount Mansfield River Watch is a grassroots group started by Bill Butler that has been involved in water-quality advocacy and monitoring of Vermont streams.

Since 1989, it has successfully added a floodplain language into the zoning regulations of Jericho, Vermont. As such, Jericho now boasts the most protective anti-development regulations in the state.